testing. 1, 2, 3. test. test. test.

I'm testing a bunch of new glazes tomorrow, in firing #7 for this year. Glaze mixing is one of my least favorite aspects of this job, and mixing teeny, weeny batches for testing is way down on my list. That said, I do look forward to seeing how they turn out. It would be easier, I would think, to mix one or two tests in every load vs. a bunch at once. Then again, nah.

old dog, new tricks

New PIP's! That is, pitchers in progress. I have only made a few like this in my 38+ years stab at making pottery, but I really like this concept. Beneath the handles are a hollowed out area, and the spouts are like "bird's beaks." Testing some new (to me) glazes in the next kiln load. More to come.

Spring kiln opening

Here are a couple of pics from my most recent firing. I'm pretty pleased with the results and looking forward to adding these glazes to my repertoire.
The Celebration of Spring is taking place this weekend in Seagrove, with many potters hosting kiln openings. Come and see us!

Tall vase workshop at Starworks

Here are some images from the tall vase workshop today, presented by Jeffrey Dean of Dean and Martin Pottery. Starworks, maker of the best clays I've ever used, was the host. I had a blast, and learned a LOT!!!